About Us

company overview

       Founded in 2013, Harikrushna Infotech is a Software Development Company based in Surat. We work in research & development of IT & Software products, for clients from different industries, to maximize their working standards by improving their production, quality, and thus the revenues by retaining their customer loyalty.

   With technological advancements in the IT industry, Harikrushna Infotech has developed and implemented IT strategies in different fields, especially in various sections of the trade sector. Realizing the critical objectives of various sectors, we have extended Smart Software Solutions which include specific software for specific industry. We specialize in providing different types of Customized Software Solutions which support in meeting the particular requirements of the clients. Among these, Enterprise Resource Planning Software is a highly demanded one.

       Our products have aided in changing the dynamics of the market, allowing us to grow in many different sectors like Rojmel ERP, Cheque Printing, Online Order Management.


To make software products which are of global, admissible standards and achieve presence of Harikrushna Infotech products worldwide


To make all our products available online with an easy setup & streamlined system, associated with a world class quality service for every customer